Only Breathing

Holla. My name's Yemmy. I'm 15.
and tbh, I don't even care anymore.

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ok like. last post on the topic but

leaking someones nudes is super invasive it’s a huge invasion of their privacy and in a lot of cases can have awful consequences 

is it always a great idea to send nudes no but it’s not fair to just shrug it off say ‘if they were foolish enough to do it they deserve what they get’ and spread it everywhere 

don’t reblog it, don’t retweet it, delete it if you have and let it die

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we’re listening to the radio in class and amnesia came on and this guy was like “why would u wanna wake up with amnesia?” and this other guy was like “to forget about the stupid little things bro”

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That moment when you come up with a great idea for your band/Fans called Derpcon: